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money and taxes in Lebanon

The local currency is the Lebanese Pound, or as locally referred to, the "lira". The terms livre (French), pound (English), and lira (Arabic) are used interchangeably, and the currency's abbreviation is LL (Livre Libanaise) or LBP (Lebanese Pound).

In Lebanon you can also pay in US dollars. Money or travelers checks can be exchanged at banks, exchange shops, and major hotels. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Diners Club) are accepted at most large establishments throughout the country.

ATMs are also widely available in Beirut and larger cities, and will usually dispense both U.S. dollars and Lebanese pounds.

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Introduced in February 2002, the VAT is a 10% tax paid by the consumer on most goods and services. Tourists departing from Lebanon are entitled to a VAT refund on goods purchased during their stay.

Every foreigner or Lebanese person residing abroad, and whose stay in Lebanon does not exceed three continuous months, is entitled to ask for a VAT refund. A VAT refund is NOT applicable to services (hotels, telecommunications, car rentals, guided tours, etc), foods and beverages (restaurants, cafes, supermarkets), fuel, or tobacco.

The goods must be transported in the tourist’s personal luggage and must have been bought from a VAT registered retailer. The total value for each invoice from each store must exceed 150,000 LL per day.


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